Terrifying Secret About Orlando Gunman’s Mosque REVEALED [VIDEO]

Terrifying Secret About Orlando Gunman’s Mosque REVEALED [VIDEO]

In this CNN interview with Erin Burnett, a man who attended the same mosque with the shooter of the Orlando massacre, had something to say. He believes it is very “strange” that two terrorists have now come out of the mosque he attends and things just do not add up..


I do not know if you can suspect someone based on how they voice their opinion or lack thereof, being quiet is hardly a sign of guilt. Do you believe a person’s actions can be blamed on their religion, sexual orientation, skin color? Are these outside influences, to blame? Or do you believe the person who makes the decision to plan, prepare and carry out such a wicked act, is the one to blame? Should burden of the evil done by wicked men and women be carried by their entire race? What ways do you think we can best protect America and her people from a massacre like this from happening again?

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