Police wanted to deport truck-attack suspect last year, but this small detail prevented them from removing an illegal immigrant

Police wanted to deport truck-attack suspect last year, but this small detail prevented them from removing an illegal immigrant

In Sweden, they have arrested two people now for the Stockholm truck attack that killed at least four people and injured at least 15. The authorities don’t want to release any identities, but the first guy to be arrested had already been on their radar as a radical. He was a rejected asylum-seeker and they couldn’t find him to deport him because he had given them a fake address. Yeah… they should have checked on that when he arrived in the country. This is where no vetting leads you every time.

Why didn’t they arrest this guy the minute they knew of his radical connections? Better yet, why the hell don’t they thoroughly vet these people crossing their borders? Sweden is a kill zone these days and the rape capital of the world… all because they welcome in Islamic refugees without finding out who they really are or what their connections are. The four victims killed in Friday’s truck attack on shoppers in the Swedish capital included a British man, a Belgian woman and two Swedes, authorities in those countries said. Their identities were not released.

From Rare:

The Stockholm truck attack suspect from Uzbekistan was a rejected asylum-seeker who eluded authorities’ attempts to deport him by giving police a wrong address, Swedish police said Sunday while announcing the arrest of a second suspect.

Jan Evensson of the Stockholm police told a televised news conference that the 39-year-old suspect’s request for a residence permit was rejected in June 2016, but police could not find him to send him back to his native country because he was not at the address he had given. On Feb. 24, he was formally sought after by Swedish police.

“We know he has been sympathetic to extremist organizations,” said Jonas Hysing of Sweden’s national police. He declined to name the suspect, who had been arrested within hours of Friday’s attack on shoppers in Stockholm.

Swedish prosecutors on Sunday arrested a second person in connection with the truck attack case for suspected crimes against the nation and were holding four other people.

“A person suspected of terrorist offenses by murder has been arrested,” spokeswoman Karin Rosander told The Associated Press. She did not give any further details about the new suspect.

In all, Evensson said authorities have questioned over 500 people in the investigation so far.

10 of the 15 people wounded in the truck attack remain hospitalized, including one child. Stockholm county spokesman Patrik Soderberg said four of the 10 were considered “seriously” injured and the remaining six, including the child, were slightly injured. And in a stunningly tone-deaf move, the famous Swedish department store that was rammed Friday by a stolen beer truck apologized for an announcement that it would reopen two days after the deadly attack to sell damaged goods at a “reduced price.” Oops.

Police held raids overnight to bring other people in for questioning as authorities investigated the deadliest attack in Stockholm in years. Sweden’s SAPO security police said it was working to find “any abettor or network involved in the attack.” But since Sweden is simply overflowing with refugees, the chances of that working are less than slim.

The first of the suspects is a 39 year-old man from Uzbekistan, who was arrested and is being held on suspicion of “terrorist crimes through murder.” He is believed to have been the driver of the truck. The deadly attack unfolded in Drottninggatan (Queen Street) when a suspect used a 30-ton hijacked beer truck to plow through a crowded shopping street at 3 pm on Friday. Following the attack, police circulated a picture of a man on an escalator wearing a green jacket, grey hoodie and holding a blue phone in connection with the investigation into the attack. The suspect ran into a subway after the attack and was dripping with blood from an injury. He appeared confused about where to run and then headed towards the train and was arrested after acting strangely in a shop in Marsta, a suburb of Stockholm. Bomb disposal experts reportedly found a homemade bomb packed into a suitcase inside the hijacked beer truck.

Sources said that the first suspect, a father, was well known in his community and locals described being “shocked” that he had been arrested in connection with the attack. But the suspect’s Facebook page appeared to show that he ‘liked’ videos of ISIS and an image of carnage in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. That is a very familiar story these days.

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