This Week In Quotes: March 2-8

By the way, have you noticed that many people from Obama’s past live in abject poverty? His half brother lives in a shack in Kenya, his aunt and uncle live on the dole in Boston illegally. And his childhood nanny who’s transgendered lives in a filthy slum in Indonesia…Pay no attention to the way Obama cares for his own extended family. He really cares about yours… — American Glob

More often than not, in the United States these days, it’s the secular Left imposing its morality on the religious Right. Don’t want to photograph a gay wedding? You’re fined. Don’t want to sell the morning-after pill at your pharmacy? You’re driven out of your job. Don’t want to pay for your employees’ sterilization? You’re a criminal. Don’t want to subsidize Planned Parenthood with your tax dollars? Tough, pay up. — Timothy Carney

As a Catholic myself, and a supporter of Catholic institutions, what Sandra Fluke is telling me is that her birth control needs trump the needs of my family. She wants my hard earned dollars to go not to pay for my kids’ braces, their college educations or my retirement, but to subsidize her sex life. — Teri Christoph

My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices. — Rush Limbaugh

Any racial or ethnic group in this country as negatively portrayed on primetime TV (as Christians) would be up in arms—and rightly so. — Walter Russell Mead

President Obama’s short-form birth certificate (the “certificate of live birth”), which is authoritative evidence in any U.S. court, has long been available for inspection, and the archival records from Hawaii (the “long-form birth certificate”) also have been released. Public officials of both parties have confirmed that the president was born in Hawaii. Every judicial proceeding on the matter has confirmed this, and contemporaneous birth announcements in the Honolulu newspapers documented the birth of Barack Hussein Obama in Hawaii in 1961. There is not a single piece of credible evidence to support claims to the contrary. — National Review

We want a conservative nominee because that’s our best chance of winning. Look at the races in the last 30 years, we nominated a moderate: [John] McCain, [Bob] Dole, Gerald Ford. When George [H.W.] Bush ran for re-election back in 1992, after raising taxes and increasing spending. They all ran as moderates. We all lost. — Rick Santorum

Why are conservatives always surprised when they discover that leftists are fighting a war to the death with them, and all’s fair in war? — Bill Quick

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