Anderson Cooper Gets Pranked By His Own Staff On Live Television

Anderson Cooper Gets Pranked By His Own Staff On Live Television

Having disgruntled employees is a lot easier when they’re not operating your teleprompter and making you look like a fool in front of millions of people. After buying a candle for his office, Cooper was confronted quite publicly by his staff about the smell it was leaving around the building.


From TheBlaze:

CNN host Anderson Cooper fell victim this week to a prank by his staff — and it all went down on live television.

Cooper’s colleagues were apparently not thrilled about the smell a candle in his office was emitting and decided to sneak their complaints into his teleprompter during an on-air segment.

As Cooper started to read the script, he quickly realized the entire thing was about him.

“Really, this is what the ‘Ridiculist’ is about tonight?” he said. “I should have read it ahead of time.”

“Oh man, this is cold,” he continued, laughing as he read the teleprompter. “And you don’t tell me? You let me read it on teleprompter? Wow.”

Of the foul smell his coworkers compared to “dumpster ravioli,” Cooper said it was “completely news to me.”

Watch the hilarious prank below:

When you have people who essentially control your national image, it’s in your best interest to keep them happy. If I were Cooper, and believe me, I’m happy I’m not, I would get rid of that candle. If he really wants the basil scent in his office, it would be easier and cheaper to buy the actual plant.

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