Chinese Toddler Mauled and Partially Eaten By Pig After Crawling Into It’s Pen

Chinese Toddler Mauled and Partially Eaten By Pig After Crawling Into It’s Pen

Tragedy struck the family of a two year old in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province when their toddler was mauled and then eaten by a pig. It is suspected that the mother was attempting to protect her newborn piglets, and viewed the child as a threat.


From The Daily Mail:

A toddler in China has been killed and partially eaten by a pig after crawling into the animal’s pen while his parents’ backs were turned.

Left to his own devices Wei crawled into the pig pen where the protective sow mauled him to death in an attempt to protect her newborn piglets, before she began chewing on his head.

Hearing their child’s screams, the parents rushed back outside but found they were too late.

Distraught father Sun Tsai, 25, said: ‘We had popped inside for just a couple of minutes when we heard the screams.

‘When we came out we saw the pig about 80 metres away gnawing on Keke’s head.’

Other villagers came rushing to the scene where they grabbed the pig and tied it to a tree before killing it and cutting its stomach open.

Inside they found fragments of Keke’s skull and hair, which they showed to authorities to prove the pig had killed him.

It is extremely unfortunate that this family is suffering such a terrible loss, and our prayers are with them. This is a grim reminder that children need to be watched very carefully, especially around animals.

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