“Deadbeat Dad” Wanted in Yet Another State on Payments for 25 Children After Throwing Lavish Birthday Party

“Deadbeat Dad” Wanted in Yet Another State on Payments for 25 Children After Throwing Lavish Birthday Party

Terry Tyrone Turnage has made it back into the news for, you guessed it, failing to pay child support to the mothers of two more children he fathered. But this man isn’t broke, because the two new women he’s failing to pay recently attended his 700 person birthday bash, complete with top-shelf champagne.


From The Daily Mail:

A man dubbed ‘deadbeat dad’ for owing child support on 25 children to 15 different women is now wanted in another state for owing money on three more kids he fathered.

Terry Tyrone Turnage was wanted two years ago in Memphis, Tennessee, because he owed thousands in back child support for the care of dozens of children.

Turnage, believed to be in his late thirties, has popped up again in Forrest City, Arkansas, where he owes money to at least two women, and probably a third, for children they claim were fathered by him.

The exact number of children he has fathered and the exact number of women involved remains unclear.

Paula Stewart, 22, who has a two-year-old son by Turnage, told WREG this week: ‘Everybody tells me, ”What you doing talking to him?”

”’How you didn’t know he had all these kids?” Uh duh, I’ve been in school. I wasn’t out like that.’

A second woman, Miesha Davis, found out the father of her son was ‘famous’ after a conversation with the child support office.

She believed that her little boy was number 26 and that Turnage had a child by another woman between her and Miss Stewart.

Turnage is known in Forrest City as a club owner who drives expensive cars and has the nickname TYB, which reportedly stands for ‘Take Your B*****’.

He recently threw a 700-person birthday party over two days at his club where he boasted about spending hundreds of dollars on top-shelf champagne.

Both Miss Stewart and Miss Davis went to the club event saying that they just went ‘to have a good time’ and not to see Turnage.

There’s a saying: “If you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em,” but this goes deeper than that. He’s doing irreparable damage to his children by refusing to be in their lives. It’s very unfortunate that he’s choosing to lead such a lifestyle, with no regard as to the lives that he his helping create.

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