Epic fail: Naming a school after Barack Obama proves to be asking for disaster

Another epic fail, made funnier only by the fact that it is named after quite possibly the biggest failure in America’s recent history – Barack Obama, AKA, Mr. President:

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In what can only be described as karmic justice, a school in Wisconsin named for President Obama performed horribly on a report card designed to measure school success.

The Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education in Milwaukee scored 39.4 out of 100 on the report. That’s only slightly lower than the 41.4 percent approval rating Obama has in the state, according to a poll by the Marquette University Law School.

In the entire state only 14 schools did worse on the report card, according to EAG News.

The score is compiled by measuring student academic achievements in areas such as math and reading as well as the school’s ability to improve the student’s scores. Next to the school’s entry it reads “Fails to Meet Expectations.”

The school’s reading score came in at a pitiful 2.2 out of 50.

The Wisconsin school isn’t alone. Another one named for the president, Barack Obama Elementary School in Hempstead, N.Y., is similarly bad. According to the New York State Assessments on the school’s own website, only 6 percent of fourth-graders at the school met or exceeded state standards in English. In math only 7 percent were proficient or better.

According to the website for the Milwaukee school, “Barack Obama School of Career & Technical Education K-12 prepares students to successfully transition from one level of schooling to the next, and from school to career in a safe, positive learning environment. We provide our students with research proven educational methods in reading, math, language arts, science and social studies which align with the K-12 academic standards and Grade Level Expectations.”

Like the president himself, the words sound good but the performance doesn’t meet the hype.

There’s a word for that: It’s called failure.

Don’t get me wrong – the kids are the ones that we should all be feeling sorry for. Not only are they in a terribly performing school, but they get the dubious ‘honor’ or going to a school named after Obama. Ugh. Let’s cut the crap and get these kids a real, non-common core education. Thanks, Mr. President.


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