Army Vet Who Lost Nearly ‘Everything’ Comes Home and Finds Something That He Will Always Remember

Army Vet Who Lost Nearly ‘Everything’ Comes Home and Finds Something That He Will Always Remember

We so often believe that when a soldier comes home from war, he or she is quickly able to adjust back to civilian life easily. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The Blaze details a heartwarming story of a family who lost nearly everything, but was offered a kind gesture that they will always remember.


After suffering brain, back and knee injuries while serving in Iraq, retired Army Sgt. Allen Megginson returned home to the United States only to find himself overwhelmed as he attempted to transition back into civilian life. Eventually, post-traumatic stress disorder would reportedly result in him losing his job and nearly “everything” he and his wife had.

“We had a life with a home, the cars and everything and we lost it all. It’s been a hard road,” his wife, Amy,told WGHP-TV.

But the Megginsons now have a new home and a chance at a fresh start, thanks to Bank of America and the Military Warriors Support Foundation. The bank and non-profit group donated the renovated home to the couple, where they can live mortgage-free. They were even escorted to their new home for the first time by members of the Patriot Guard.

A Bank of America spokesman said it was great to give something back to a veteran who has already given so much for his country.

Extremely humble like nearly all military veterans, Megginson said he still feels like some of his “brothers and sisters in arms” deserve it more than him.

“I never feel like I deserve it, regardless of what I go through and the injuries I have,” he told WGHP-TV.

He continued: “I think it’s going to afford us the ability through the program to rebuild. Over the last few years we’ve lost pretty much everything we had and it always seemed like such an uphill fight to rebuild. To be given this opportunity is going to afford us the opportunity to really rebuild and help others.”

If this story doesn’t brighten your day, not much else will…

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