Jeb Bush Speech Prompts CPAC Walkout

Jeb Bush Speech Prompts CPAC Walkout

It’s clear that there is a division within the GOP and that it is not likely to go away any time soon. With establishment Republicans routinely selling-out the constituents in a Quixotic quest to gain longterm political survival, the conservative base has grown tired and angry with these establishment candidates. The Blaze struck on that discord with an article detailing a walk-out that took place as Jeb Bush spoke at CPAC.

Jeb Bush

The fight within the GOP was crystal clear: flag-waving Tea Partiers and “I Stand With Rand”-clad libertarians versus a sea of well-dressed establishment Republicans.

Dozens of protesters staged a walkout when Jeb Bush took the stage at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference Friday afternoon, but it was something less than a full-on revolt.

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Rumors had been swirling since Thursday that Tea Party conservatives would lead a massive walkout during Bush’s CPAC appearance, though the actual walkout far from depleted the room — plenty of suit-wearing youths (who may have been bussed in to pack the venue) seemed willing and eager to take the vacated seats, standing and clapping for Bush.

The walkout came after Laura Ingraham used her CPAC speech to question the Bush family’s conservatism and Bush’s name was greeted with boos during Sean Hannity’s impromptu poll of the audience.

When will the ACU learn that what conservatives want are actual conservatives?

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