AWKWARD! Chelsea Clinton Makes HUGE Mistake, Calls Trump Misogynistic & Sexist [VIDEO]

AWKWARD! Chelsea Clinton Makes HUGE Mistake, Calls Trump Misogynistic & Sexist [VIDEO]

Irony wasn’t lost on Chelsea Clinton as she spit hateful words at Donald Trump for his remarks about her mother.

Hillary’s protective little twin was questioned about Trump’s recent comments that Hillary Clinton doesn’t look presidential. She came fighting back with a response she felt was a real punch in the gut…she said Trump was “sexist” and “misogynistic”.


Unfortunately, all it really did was bite her in the ass…HARD.


Wednesday, while campaigning for her mother, she told reporters: “I would hope that everyone could see that as the sad, misogynistic, sexist rhetoric that I’d hoped we’d moved beyond in the 21st century, certainly in 2016,”


This was Chelsea Clinton’s first appearance on the campaign trail since giving birth to her second child in June, maybe it was too soon? Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and call it pregnancy brain, you know, because it wouldn’t be nice to call a new mother stupid. If she still plans on helping out the Clinton campaign in the last couple of weeks before Election Day, she might want to think about the paradox of her statements.

Twitter users helped her out a tad this time.



The liberal media is doing their best to hand this election to the most hated Democrat nominee – Hillary Clinton.

Nothing screams, “I’m a hypocrite,” quite as effectively as being a Democrat. Chelsea Clinton has never been asked to defend her father against major accusations before, such as several rape allegations. BUT, heaven forbid her mother doesn’t look presidential, well that’s just crossing the line, Trump.

She has never been asked about “equal pay” for her father’s interns while he was in the White House — or the other things her married father did with interns in the White House while she and her mother, his wife, were in the same building.

Personally, I’d love a journalist to ask both Chelsea and Hillary if being in the place where Bill’s infidelity occurred might bring back bad memories. Oh wait, this was about Trump being sexist and misogynistic, because, he clearly hates women. Can’t you see it by the way he is faithful and sweet to his wife?

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