The awkward moment a groom’s secret lover storms his wedding wearing the SAME DRESS as the bride [VIDEO]

The awkward moment a groom’s secret lover storms his wedding wearing the SAME DRESS as the bride [VIDEO]


Oh. My. Heavens.

Sometimes there are no words.

I spent my day in an apartment of girls in their twenties. And the biggest topic was the weddings they were planning. With a few of them engaged, they were already imaging their perfect wedding days. Now, imagine that perfect wedding day. You are standing at the alter with the person you intend to marry when a woman bursts in the room wearing a wedding dress of her own.

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That is literally exactly what happened to this couple in this video. While a bride was standing at the alter with her groom to be, a woman burst into the room. And it gets creepy, because she was wearing the exact same white wedding dress. Veil and all she refused to be pushed aside. She takes the microphone. The groomsmen tried taking the microphone from her and pushing her out of the room, but she refuses to budge.

I can not even imagine what a ridiculous nightmare this must have been for both the bride and the groom. They just stand beside each other looking completely awestruck by the ridiculousness of the ordeal.

The worst part is this… the woman who crashed in a wedding dress and veil was there to accuse the groom of being immoral and unfaithful to his would be bride. This was all reported and recorded on the news, but no one seems to be quite sure what happened after they stopped recording. It was not said if the wedding continued after the bride crasher was escorted out. So, we do not know if her ravings were taken seriously by the bride.

Definitely a wedding to remember for anyone who was there.

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