Two drunks assault a bouncer outside of a bar & he wrecks both of them single-handed

Two drunks assault a bouncer outside of a bar & he wrecks both of them single-handed


You can watch some of the actual fight here, where an onlooker recorded the altercation. Two men who were obviously drunk tried to get into a bar that they were already way too drunk to enter. The bouncer turned them away, but that didn’t end the situation.

The two drunk men were furious and started swinging their arms menacingly at the bouncer. The bouncer doesn’t look phased by their antics. But it soon turns violent when they go for the bouncer’s face. It doesn’t take much for him to knock them both to the ground. One punch to the face and they drop to the ground. He doesn’t have a problem taking on both of the men at the same time.

The owner was asked to make a statement and was unapologetic for the bouncer’s actions. She was quick to defend the bouncer.

“They did walk away initially and then they came back a few seconds later – and you can see what happens next,” she told SunOnline.

She made sure to praise the bouncer saying that his job can be”incredibly hard” and that those who work with him often “get a lot of abuse.”

“They are on the frontline, protecting the customers and protecting our business.”

The police received multiple reports of the fight that evening. They have encouraged these things to continue to be reported as it can help protect innocent bystanders.

The Garda Siochana in Dublin told the Mirror: “Gardai are aware of this incident and would encourage the public to report any such incidents to their local Garda station.”


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