Baby Elephant Falls at the Zoo, Herd Rushes to the Rescue

Baby Elephant Falls at the Zoo, Herd Rushes to the Rescue

Walking is a difficult task for a baby, and when you have to figure out how to coordinate four legs instead of just two, the occasional fall is inevitable. When this adorable little elephant, Omysha, took a tumble, the other elephants in the zoo came to her rescue.


Baby Omysha, the youngest resident in the Zurich Zoo’s Krachan Elephant Park, is still learning the tricky business of putting one leg in front of the other. But luckily for the little pachyderm, when she does take an inevitable tumble, she’s got a herd of help standing by.

A video from one zoo-goer shows Omysha taking a stroll that led to taking a tumble. While the misstep left her upside-down, she didn’t stay that way for long.

With a low grumble of concern, two grown-up elephants rushed to Omysha’s side and used teamwork — and their trunks — to turn the little one right-side up again.

But the exercise in elephant cooperation didn’t end there. After the adult duo handled that, they were joined by another of the park’s six elephants, and together they nudged the baby in the right direction. The group then encircled Omysha in a fall-proof huddle.

You can watch the heart-warming video below:

With all the negative news in the world, everyone needs something sweet and cute to brighten their day. I submit that humans can learn a lot about unity from this group of elephants.

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