Baton Rouge Shooter And The FACTS You Need To Know…

Baton Rouge Shooter And The FACTS You Need To Know…

Gavin Long, the scumbag bastard that should have offed himself if he felt like killing, has been killed by Police. Not before killing 3 innocent police officers in a disgusting ambush. I hesitate to share these facts about the scumbag, but facts are facts.

No use in keeping them hid.


1. Long Posted on Social Media About Recent Police Shootings & Said ‘Bloodshed,’ Not Just Protests, Was Necessary

2. Wearing Black With His Face Covered He Began Shooting ‘Indiscriminately’ as Officers Responded to a Call for a Man With an ‘Assault Rifle,’ Police Say

3. He Declared Himself to be a ‘Sovereign Citizen’ in Court Documents, Claiming to be Part of the Washitaw Nation

4. He Served in the Marines, Including a Tour in Iraq, Retiring in 2010

5. He Dropped Out of College for a ‘Spiritual’ Trip to Africa, His ‘Ancestral Homeland’

What connects this scumbag to the Dallas scumbag? They both felt justified in committing multiple murder. As if they were to a righteous work. Both served, yet neither were patriotic, nor it seems loved enjoying the freedoms this nation offers.

Instead Long, and Johnson used their freedoms to murder others…and may they both burn in hell for it. Enough with these damn murders.

I was never on board with labeling BLM a terrorist group, but I’m quickly warming to them being labeled an extreme instigator of violence and murder. By their misleading and non-factual claims, people like this scum bag have murdered police officers that have done absolutely nothing wrong.

It’s extremely hard not to hate right now…but even after all of this, and more than likely more in the future…we have to separate ourselves from those who would wish to do harm to our communities and our nations stability, and stand together an renounce the violence. As long as BLM remains lukewarm about this, these murders will continue.

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