Judge Jeanine Says the Unthinkable: Martial Law Is Coming [VIDEO]

Judge Jeanine Says the Unthinkable: Martial Law Is Coming [VIDEO]

Judge Jeanine never minces words. And what she has to say about the recent killings of policemen is no exception. Read on to see what she had to say.

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro responded to the shooting of seven police officers Sunday in Baton Rouge, with three of the cops being killed, saying her heart goes out to the families of the husbands and fathers who went out in a police uniform.

“Unfortunately, today the uniform is almost like a target,” Pirro proclaimed.

Referencing the five law enforcement officers killed in Dallas earlier this month along with the Baton Rouge shooting, the Fox News host said the attacks are “an attempt at anarchy.”

Worse yet, she’s concerned about these atrocities are becoming the norm.

“With this happening in Baton Rouge, my fear is that the attempt to kill cops and killing cops is now becoming normalized,” Pirro said. “It’s now becoming legitimized.”

The Judge is correct. The wanton killing of cops is anarchy. It is not legitimate, can never be excused for any reason. It is murder plain and simple. The killers must be stopped and the rule of law returned. Our nation’s future depends upon it. If you see something, hear something or know something…say something. It may save a life.

See video below:

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