Obama Just Took On A New Role…PUPPET MASTER- Do You Agree With This?

Obama Just Took On A New Role…PUPPET MASTER- Do You Agree With This?


Get a load of this bullcrap.

A Federal Civilian Security Force? What are Police Officers then? Oh wait, there would be no need for them right? I mean not with a FEDERAL CIVILIAN SECURITY FORCE…

But how could he get from point A to point B? Oh yes, by finding a way to fade out the need for our Men and Women in blue. With BlackLivesMatter causing this much chaos and terror against our Police Officers it sure puts the Government in place to swoop in and “save the day” …. just a thought. Who knows, I mean, the alternative is Obama is just a total moron. That’s just has a legit a reason.

But I feel this meme has a very good point…


Via Homeschool Mom:

Rest in Peace, Officer Cottrell, because of YOUR President and his anti-cop grievance-industry-membership, INCLUDING the easily manipulated members of BlackLivesMatter and their manufactured “progressive” philosophies…your SENSELESS assassination and ultimate heartbreaking demise was eminent…and it pisses me off.

Ohio police officer was murdered Sunday night by a man who was allegedly out and looking to kill an officer. According to the perpetrator’s ex-girlfriend, Herschel Jones III, identified as the suspect in the shooting death Danville police officer Thomas Cottrell, told police that her ex-boyfriend left his home with weapons ready to kill a cop.​ According to the local NBC affiliate:

Officer Thomas Cottrell was found dead without his service weapon or cruiser just before midnight, according to the Knox County Sheriff’s department. It said dispatchers had received a tip-off from a female caller that Danville cops “were in danger” because her ex-boyfriend Herschel Jones had “left with weapons and was looking to kill an officer.”

Dispatchers tried to reach the officer but were unsuccessful, the sheriff’s office added. Sheriff’s deputies searched the village of Danville and found Cottrell’s body behind a municipal building 27 minutes after the initial call.

The officer had been shot dead, according to NBC station WCMH.

Jones was taken into custody following a “foot chase” at around 1:36 a.m. after he was seen “running from a residence,” the sheriff’s office said.

Given that President Obama has been deafeningly silent in the wake of previous officer assassinations around the country, we are certain he will not offer any words of solace or support for our police force now.

The evil being summoned to find it’s way into the hearts of people that have no cause, or sense of moral compass is plaguing America. These SENSELESS acts against our Men and Women in Blue are working for Obama, which keeps him turning a blind eye to the growing danger our Police Officers face, because…when it gets so bad, it is the Democrats that will turn to America and in their twisted way with words of deceptiveness they will say: Feds will have to takeover local policing to make our communities safe again… Which is true… safe for further takeover of our lives. How? Simple. Once the job of a Police Officer turns fed, it is not our heroic Officers they will hire for the job…but a person that is just grateful to be in America with a government paying job..a person not raised with a sense of honor and duty to their country, a person who will take orders and not question them. Can you take a guess at who that would be?

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