BENGHAZI HERO: Hillary And Obama Watched The Attack Live Then LIED Saying It Was A Protest! [VIDEO]

BENGHAZI HERO: Hillary And Obama Watched The Attack Live Then LIED Saying It Was A Protest! [VIDEO]

Benghazi will always be remembered as the God-forsaken hell-hole that took the lives of 4 Americans, including a U.S. Diplomat. Their lives were lost and they were lost because a certain Secretary of State saw the drone footage of the attack of Islamic militants on an American base and proceeded to do absolutely nothing to help them.

Hillary Clinton left American lives in harms way and refused to send them any aid that could have saved all of their lives. The following day of the attack, she and President Obama stood before the world, proclaiming with all the energy and confidence that their dark hearts could muster, that the attack on Benghazi was brought on by a YouTube video that had angered the population there and therefore caused a riot of attackers. This evil woman had the audacity to blame her clear betrayal on a stupid YouTube video!

You can’t make this up! This happened and now one of the three CIA contractors that were stationed there that night is coming out to crucify Hillary for her actions.

John Tiegen pictured in center.

John Tiegen pictured in center.

On Thursday, Benghazi hero John Tiegen let the truth rip in an effort to set the whole record straight.

Tiegen stated on the show ‘Rick and Reward’ that he has seen with his own eyes the drone video of the Benghazi attacks. He stated “They need to release them.” On that live video was the evidence that the attack that night was not brought on and started by a group of protesters – as Hillary Clinton claimed it was. The live video that night proved that it wasn’t. It was the same video that Hillary was watching as the events on the ground were unfolding. Instead of doing her duty and sending help – she sat on it and went to bed.

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Thirteen hours after the opening attack, those US heroes were still fighting off terrorists from the top of the CIA annex in Benghazi.

She was caught red handed. She has blood on her hands. But does anyone care? It’s doesn’t seem they do.

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