BOMBSHELL: James O’Keefe Releases Mass Voter Fraud Video

BOMBSHELL: James O’Keefe Releases Mass Voter Fraud Video


This should enrage good Americans. Voter fraud is the greatest crime against the American people, because it is American heroes that fought and died to provide these freedoms to vote and Democrats have turned our country into a system of lies, manipulation and fraud.

James O’Keefe has unleashed a truth that should terrify people into finally seeing through the smokescreens our government dares to throw up. We cannot be idol in our duties as Americans any longer. We cannot allow this kind of filth and garbage to muddy our democracy.

This is the second video released by Jame O’Keefe, in a series of TRUTH delivering videos on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign.

In this part 2 video, he captures numerous Democratic party operatives telling us a dark truth. How they assist in creating MASS voter fraud and the methods they use to do so.

Scott Foval and the methods he shares, takes the cake. Since this interview, you should know, he has been fired. However, not until AFTER he was caught on video admitting that the Democratic Party has been rigging the elections for 50 YEARS!

This tells us a lot. Obama’s America didn’t just come to be in the last 8 years. It’s been strategically planned throughout many years to come to this point of imploding on the American people.

Watch this video…prepare to be livid.

I’d like to repeat one thing that was said:

“It doesn’t matter the legal and ethics people say we need to win this Mother F**ker.”

That patriots is what we are up against. People who care not about what is legal or ethical, only about winning power.

These a-holes are con artists that use “flattery” to win over their own people and deception to avoid us.

The problem for us, is you can’t reason with a barking dog. Smart, quick-thinking people whose gift of language allows them to twist words and phrases to their advantage in effect changing the meaning of words completely. All in an attempt to confuse, confound and shake us from the truth.

That is what they are doing… that is why they can say these atrocious things and Hillary still remains in the run for President without any quarrel.

We would do best to arm ourselves with the knowledge of what to look for…

Flattery is shallow, insincere and exaggerated. Most often used to deceive or hide an ulterior motive or agenda. A person of flattery is all about style over substance…

These are the bad guys.

Can you think of which Presidential candidate practices this technique?

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