BOOM: Trump Gets MAJOR News – No One Saw This Coming

BOOM: Trump Gets MAJOR News – No One Saw This Coming

Frontrunner Donald Trump has taken the win on roughly 33% of Republican voter’s support in the polls AND early voting states. Among these voters are both men and women, military veterans and Christians, wealthy retirees AND blue-collar workers…things are really starting to look up for Trump, and for more than one reason..

Donald Trump

Trump’s critics have said for months that he’ll never be able to grow his lead with all of the controversies he’s had, like with Pope Francis recently, skipping the Iowa debate and his attack on former President George W. Bush.

According to a recent AP-GfK poll that just came out, Republican voters and those thinking of voting Republican say Trump is the best candidate to handle the issues. They also say Trump is the most decisive and competent for the job of president.

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If more Republican candidates drop out after the Nevada caucuses and Super Tuesday, then Trump will likely increase his lead even more.

“He understands what the problems are and he conveys that in a way that attracts blacks, whites and Democrats and Jews and Christians and independents and a lot of conservatives and a lot of evangelicals,” Ed McMullen said, who is a co-chairman for the Trump campaign in South Carolina. “When you really assess the base of who’s out there for Mr. Trump and why it’s there, it’s there because he’s got the message that they’re looking for.”

Political pundits have predicted Trump’s campaign would fail almost every day since he announced his run for the presidency. This prediction came again at the last GOP debate when Trump criticized former President Bush for not keeping Americans safe from terrorism.

“The World Trade Center came down during the reign of George Bush,” Trump said at the debate. “He kept us safe? That is not safe.”

A national fundraising leader for Jeb Bush named Barry Wynn said the moment “crystallized that if you’re for Trump, you’re still for Trump.”

“But it also raised negatives among everybody else,” Wynn said. “Eventually you have to pay for that.”

42% of Republicans say Trump is a likeable candidate and 32% say he’s compassionate. However, Jeb Bush and Trump both tie for candidates who are viewed as the most unfavorable in the Republican Party. Only 40% of Republican voters have a positive view of Trump.

Senator Marco Rubio is the highest on likeability and favorability, but unfortunately for him the voters view “likeability” as something that is least important to them when choosing a candidate. Only 50% of respondents to the poll said likeability was important.

90% of Republican voters said decisiveness and competence were important to them. Trump wins in these areas.

A 70-year-old retiree named Joan Brewer from South Carolina is leaning toward voting for Trump. Brewer is an evangelical Christian voter.

Brewer said “that mouth may get him into trouble,” but she is still willing to vote for him because she thinks Trump is the leader that America needs.

“This country is in trouble,” Brewer said. “I want it to be Trump. We need it to be Trump.”

McMullen denied the notion that all of Trump’s supporters are “lower-income, angry white men” or “rednecks.” McMullen noted there were many campaign events at gated communities and golf clubs throughout South Carolina that had business leaders and wealthy retirees attending.

“The moment he started having events that brought 5,000 or 10,000 people in a room, you had African-Americans, you had independents,” McMullen said. “I mean, it was always 50-50 men-women.”

These numbers will have to increase if the real estate mogul wants any chance of winning the general election. In November, 12% of voters are expected to be Hispanic voters.

People who support Trump feel he’ll expand his appeal though.

“I don’t think he represents a particular side of the aisle,” Susan Simon said, who is a resident of the Sun City retirement community in Bluffton, South Carolina. She is also a Democrat, but wants to vote for Trump in the primary. “I hope he can get rid of that gridlock and get things accomplished and not fighting that it has to be a Republican win or a Democratic win. It should be a U.S.A. win.”

Things are starting to get really exciting… this time next year, America could be A LOT different- for good or for worse.

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