A Lib Says Anyone Who Doesn’t Want To Pay Off His $200k In College Debt Is As Bad As Conservatives

A Lib Says Anyone Who Doesn’t Want To Pay Off His $200k In College Debt Is As Bad As Conservatives

There is this perverse sense in America that one is entitled to prosperity. Our nation has done more to provide opportunities for the most people than any other nation in the history of this world and still, too many liberals believe they are owed a living. To highlight this ridiculous ideology, please read the essay below by a devout liberal who maintains that society is obliged to pay for his existence.


My father lives in a trailer park in suburban Philadelphia. He depends on his modest social security check each month. He is not in a place to help me buy a home, as I watch my friends’ parents support them in so doing. Sometimes I send him small sums when times are particularly hard. Sometimes he shares a little extra with me. He is seventy-three years old and is looking into finding another job but is having a hard time given his age and lack of a four-year college degree. My mother, who has a long rap sheet with numerous criminal convictions for drug use, is perennially jobless. She sends me money orders and checks for $25 and $50 whenever she can. Sometimes they bounce.

I did what I was told and got the best education I could manage. Now, I owe over $200,000 in student loans. I have both private and government-backed loans. The three entities (Discover, Citibank and the US Dept of Education) that hold my loan debts do not talk to each other to devise a coherent repayment plan for me as a young borrower. At one point, nearly 30% of my monthly income was going towards loan debt repayment. I very seriously and regularly consider leaving the country in order to avoid this crushing burden. (Does my country not owe me a quality education through post-secondary? Free K-12 is a given, but K-16 or K-20 is unrealistic/communism? It was fine for GIs after WWII, but no more?) I laugh when people ask me why I haven’t started a family nor built up bigger savings to put towards homeownership. It’s a ridiculous notion in this context.

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I feel enslaved by this economic system. It feels rigged. And I am allegedly one of the lucky ones, having gone to top colleges while swallowing the well-worn (neo)liberal half-truth that education will emancipate me and my family. Ask the former students of Corinthian Colleges how much more liberated they feel right now.

So when political leaders like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders echo this sentiment, this very accurate interpretation of a reality that I (and others) face daily, then why yes, as a matter of fact, I do Feel the Bern. So excuse me if I have a very hard time being told that I am “unrealistic” or “too idealistic” for supporting candidates who seek fundamental, rather than incremental, transformation of this reality. I can only come to the conclusion that these friends, colleagues and digital acquaintances live very different lives.

I can only guess that these people are simply freer than me. Freer to enjoy the sort of incremental “progress” that, if allowed to persist, would continue to endanger the future wellbeing of me and my family.

They do not experience nor do they seem to fully empathize with the lived realities of the many Americans yearning for the political revolution that Senator Sanders invokes. Yet they feel very free to respond rather fiercely when we challenge the edifice of their own success. The system that locks away over two million mostly black and brown bodies and tells these moderates that they are competing on a truly level playing field and that everything they have achieved in our Ownership Society is a product of their own rugged industriousness and soaring intellect, rather than, even in part, a questionable inheritance at familial, institutional and systemic levels.

My friends, the Dreamers

We live in a fundamentally center-right country. As a progressive, it takes a while to truly reconcile that challenging reality. The socio-political and socio-economic infrastructure that holds our country up is built upon millions of indigenous and African bones (to name a few). The clearest example: slavery never truly being outlawed, only evolved in the context of the Thirteenth Amendment, which sets the basis for slavery as we know it today within our prison-industrial complex:

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

In this election cycle, I have been most alarmed by my white moderate friends. I have come to truly see how much of an enabling force they are for us to remain a center-right country. They nod their heads when Hillary says, “We are not Denmark. We are the United States,” as if there is some mark of pride in providing less for your people so that they might be more “free” to wallow in inequity.

The whimsical rant continues on and on for pages and the entirety of it presupposes that one is entitled to an existence free from personal responsibility.

That Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton could be taken seriously as a candidate in America is atrociously depressing. However, we should remember that while there are these mindless fools among us, there are also many others who go to work, raise kids, pay taxes and are tired of getting the short end of the stick.

Let’s hope they come-out in November.


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