Missing Radioactive Material In Iraq Found Near Gas Station

Missing Radioactive Material In Iraq Found Near Gas Station

Did you know that radioactive material that could be used to make “dirty bombs” was missing since November? While Obama pretended that ISIS was no real threat to America, radioactive material was missing and, thankfully, it finally turned up abandoned at a gas station in Iraq.


Iraqi authorities have recovered radioactive material that was stolen last November, which raised concerns it could be used by Islamic State militants.

The “highly dangerous” material was recovered near a gas station in the southern town of Zubair, environment ministry spokesman Ameer Ali said Sunday. He said there weren’t concerns about radiation from the material, which had not been damaged.

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“A passer-by found the radioactive device dumped in Zubair and immediately informed security forces which went with a special prevention radiation team and retrieved the device,” the chief of security panel in Basra provincial council Jabbar al-Saidi told Reuters.

“After initial checking, I can confirm the device is intact 100 percent and there is absolutely no concern of radiation,” he said.

Reuters first reported details of the missing material, which was stolen last fall from a storage facility belonging to a contractor working for U.S. oilfield services company Weatherford. At the time, the issue was reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Authorities didn’t say how the material ended up in Zubair, which is in southeastern Iraq about nine miles from Basra.

The details seem unclear as to how it got there, but it seems pretty clear that our national security is a joke.

While our so-called Commander-in-Chief appears infinitely more concerned with bringing-over tens-of-thousands Syrian refugees than he is with actually winning (or declaring) the war on radical Islam, Americans remain imperiled by a weak leader.

November 2016 can’t get here soon enough…

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