Obama Was Caught Doing THIS During Scalia’s Funeral

Obama Was Caught Doing THIS During Scalia’s Funeral

He couldn’t be bothered to attend Scalia’s funeral, in fact, all he did do was offer 2 minutes of his time in a moment of silence before the burial. 2 MINUTES! However, that is not what is the most disturbing…despite the storm of criticism from all sides for refusing to attend the funeral, it is what he DID do during that time, that is now infuriating Americans.

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I thought he was ‘so busy’ reviewing Supreme Court nominees he couldn’t even spare an hour for the funeral. See photo op:


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He didn’t have time to attend Scalia’s funeral, but it appears he had time for a round of golf…


He got rained on playing golf. I’d like to think that that was God telling him ‘Screw you’ for being an ass.

You can imagine there has been some outrage caused by this…here are just a few of the comments made after the news broke out…

Elk Tracks • 3 hours ago
If it was God . . . .

He would have gotten struck by lightning . . . .

Brea • 3 hours ago
That’s what was well deserved? Trust me he deserved a whole lot more than that! Tell me who out there in the land of America didn’t know he would be on the golf course? I know I did, especially when he was point blank asked and didn’t answer and neither did any of his staff. He is a friggin assh*e, a classless piece of black trash, and he needs to be forcefully removed from office (NOT impeached) and shoved in a jail cell.

west1890 • 4 hours ago
too bad that rain wasn’t accompanied by a massive lightning strike and ending our national nightmare, leaving nothing but a mulatto pile of dust

Snake Plissken • 6 hours ago
I’m kind of surprised he played after the criticism from all sides. Josh Earnest initially refused to rule out a golf game, then it was so he could “review” candidates for the court. I guess Barry decided to give everyone the finger and play anyway. Too bad the rebuke by the rain didn’t include some lightning on a five-iron.

Texas Chris • 7 hours ago
God has not begun to rebuke this president. Yet.

affenhauer • 13 hours ago
That wasn’t rain. From the angels, maybe, but I’m guessing not tears…

Snake Plissken affenhauer • 6 hours ago
Or Scalia taking one last leak . . .

It was already extremely hard to respect the man as President of the United States…but with something like this, it’s nearly impossible now. The worst part though… he doesn’t care.

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