Man Fired for Refusing to Take Off His American Flag Pin… Then THIS Happens

Man Fired for Refusing to Take Off His American Flag Pin… Then THIS Happens

Should patriotism be treated as a crime in this country? It seems that more and more there are reports that make it seem that is what is happening. Like this man who had been wearing the same U.S. flag pin to work for over 2 years– now all of the sudden, it is not allowed, and as a result, he paid dearly for his patriotism.


26-year-old Sean May tells reporters that he was released from his front desk supervisor position after he refused to take off the pin, which he had worn to work every day for two years.

“I’ve actually gotten probably more compliments about it than any of the service I’ve actually done at the hotel, which is an interesting concept,” May told a local station.

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The Casa Monica is stating behind their decision, claiming that they were only enforcing a company policy—not taking a stand against the flag itself.

“The property reflects its pride in America and great patriotism by flying the Stars and Stripes high over the hotel,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “However, our employee handbook clearly states, ‘No other buttons, badges, pins or insignia of any kinds are permitted to be worn.’ No matter an individual’s national preference, political views or religious affiliation, it is a standard regulation which ensures equality for all.”

May suspects that the decision was a result over the company coming under new leadership, under the parent company Kessler Enterprise.

“It seems silly,” May told reporters. “It seems so, so silly in the long run. They’re so upset about a little pin.”

I believe patriotism is our right as Americans. Checking it at the door before starting a work shift, just seems wrong in so many ways.

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