Brave Mom Shoots Intruder While Baby Slept

An intruder tried to break into Allie’s home while here two year old daughter slept.  Thankfully, she was  able to protect her daughter thanks to firearm training she received from her husband who is a police officer.  Click the link from Fox News to hear her story.


“He started banging on the door really hard, messing with the doorknob, saying, ‘Let me in, baby, please. We’re OK.'” Allie explained. “I glanced through the peephole and I had no idea who he was at all. So I grabbed my phone, called 911. I ran to the back room to get my gun.”

“I heard a loud crash, and by the time I came back to the end of the hallway, he was just a few feet from me. And I had no idea who he was, he kept coming at me. So I shot him twice.”

One shot went through the man’s hand into his abdomen and the other hit him in the groin.

Allie and her daughter are thankfully safe.  The intruder currently sits in a hospital with life threatening injuries.

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