Trump has come under fire for having too many lobbyists in his transition team, but it would appear that he is taking his “drain the swamp” promise seriously and is taking his “your fired” attitude straight to Washington D.C.

This is, without a doubt, one of many radical moves we can expect to see from a Donald Trump Presidency and it’s one that I think everyone outside of D.C. can agree with.


It is being reported that Donald Trump is laying down the law, banning ANYONE who has worked in the Executive Branch from serving as a lobbyist for the next 5 years.

When asked why Trump would put a rule like this in place, Republican National Committee Communications Director Sean Spicer broke it down.

“It goes back to Trump’s goal to make sure people aren’t using government to enrich themselves,” transition spokesman Sean Spicer said on a call with reporters. “The key thing for this administration is going to be that people going out of government won’t be able to use that service to enrich themselves for a five-year period.”

Every person who joins the administration will be asked to sign a lobbying ban form that states they are not a registered lobbyist. If they are, they will have to provide evidence of their termination.

So what is this pledge he’s having people sign? It’s actually a really straight-forward document that makes Trump’s intentions for his team very clear.

“I certify that I am not currently registered and reporting as a federal lobbyist as defined by the Lobbying Disclosure Act, as amended or compensated lobbyist at the state level in any state,” Spicer read to reporters over the phone. “If I was listed as a lobbyist on the most recent lobbying disclosure form or report required to be filed by federal or state law, I hereby notify the President-Elect’s transition team that I have filed the necessary form or forms with the appropriate government agencies to terminate my status as a registered lobbyist. I will provide the presidential-elect transition team with written evidence of my federal/state lobbyist termination as soon as possible.”

Is this a good idea, or should he be willing to bring in people with experience to make the transition smooth and effortless?

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