Bulldog Is Rescued After Owner Asks Facebook Friends To Kill Her Because She Got In The Garbage

Bulldog Is Rescued After Owner Asks Facebook Friends To Kill Her Because She Got In The Garbage

People with pets get frustrated at times. It’s understandable. However, when one dog’s owner put out a “hit” on her dog, the authorities came and saved the mischievous bulldog.


A dog owner posted a sick message on Facebook asking friends to shoot her pet because she kept getting into the garbage.

The woman made the vile request asking for someone to kill her bulldog Cinnamon – and even said she would provide the gun.

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She wrote: ‘I need someone to come shoot my dog, nobody here has the heart to do it! We will provide the gun!’

Animal rescue, who were alerted to the post and managed to rescue the three-year-old dog, said the woman wanted her pet dead because it kept ‘getting into the trash’.

The woman, from Troupe, Texas, was told to calm down by friends but she replied that she was ‘beyond deep breathing’.

Nicholas Pet Haven called the animal rescue and the police, who were quickly on the scene to rescue Cinnamon on Thursday.

Within 24 hours the brown and white dog had been vaccinated and passed on to a foster owner.

Police said the woman would not face charges because she willingly handed over the bulldog

Animal shelter coordinator Nanette Moss told CBS 19: ‘It’s devastating. I work with these dogs every day. They are my life and when she walked through my door it just broke my heart. She’s a sweet dog and how can somebody shoot a sweet dog?’

When a reporter went to the woman’s home, her son answered the door.

He refused to say why his mother asked for help killing her dog, adding: ‘I know how the media works. You people are the f****ng devil.’

It sounds like a delightful family.

Pets can be a real pain at times and nobody should fault her for getting incredibly frustrated. However, the answer is to place the dog into a shelter, not to get someone to try and whack the pooch.

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