CAIR Tells Christians They Worship Allah

CAIR Tells Christians They Worship Allah


In a newsflash for Christians everywhere, the head of CAIR insists that Christians and Muslims worship the same god. The only problem is; that isn’t true. An examination of the Bible will show that it tells us that Jesus himself is God in human flesh, the God Man – fully God and fully man. Muslims do not believe that Jesus is God, only that He is a prophet…like Muhammad. If one does not believe God when He tells us in His word the Bible, that Jesus is His Son and is a part, along with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, of the triune godhead, then one is NOT worshipping the same God as Christians. What do you think of Mr. Awad’s attempts to lump Christians and Muslims together under the same god?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights group, instructed America this week that Muslims, Christians and Jewish people all worship the same deity.

“[F]rom an Islamic perspective, there is only one deity worshiped by Muslims, Christians and Jews,” CAIR’s national executive director Nihad Awad explains.

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“‘Allah’ is merely the Arabic translation for ‘God,’” Awad observes, and “all Arabic-speaking Christians refer to ‘Allah’ in their prayers.”

“Islam’s Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: ‘Both in this world and in the Hereafter, I am the nearest of all people to Jesus, the son of Mary,’” the CAIR executive adds. “The prophets are paternal brothers; their mothers are different, but their religion is one.”

Awad’s brief essay is entitled “Our Religion Is One – Muslims And Christians Worship The Same God.” He wrote it in response to Wheaton College’s announced intention to fire political science professor Larycia Hawkins after Hawkins announced she would wear a hijab until Christmas — in solidarity with Muslims facing bigotry.

God, meaning the one true God of the Bible, tells us that Satan’s purpose here on earth is to “steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10). But He also says that He, Jesus, came so that we can have abundant life. The God of the Bible never tells His people to go kill those who won’t convert to Christianity. Instead, He tells us to share the good news of salvation in Christ and to pray for those who persecute us. Does this God of the Bible sound like Allah, whose prophet Muhammad instructs his followers to kill those who will not convert to Islam? Just because the word Allah is used generically for “god” by Muslims and Christians in the Middle East in no way means they are referencing the SAME God at all. Clearly, by His words and His character, the God of Christianity is NOT the god of Islam. So the next time someone tries to tell you they are the same God just because some groups use the same word for Him. Tell them the truth and take them straight to John 10:10.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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