Not A Coincidence: The New ‘Murder Capital Of Britain’ Has Added A Massive Number Of Migrants

Not A Coincidence: The New ‘Murder Capital Of Britain’ Has Added A Massive Number Of Migrants

Boston has been named the murder capital of Britain despite it’s previously “sleepy” description. The reason why the murder rate has shot up with have your blood boiling.


From The Daily Mail:

The murder capital of Britain is actually a sleepy Lincolnshire town – which has also seen the highest increase in migrants in the country.

Boston came top of a list of the local authorities with the most cases of murder, attempted murder or conspiracy to commit murder per 100,000 people, recently released by the Home Office.

The town recorded 10 such cases in the year up to September 2015 – two homicides and eight attempted murders – meaning when adjusted for the population there were 15-per-100,000 people, placing it above the likes of London and Manchester.

It meant that Boston is the place where it was most likely someone would kill you, try to kill you or plot to kill you.

And census figures reveal it is also the authority with the highest increase in the number of foreign-born residents, which has caused controversy among residents for years.

Research by the Migration Observatory, based at Oxford University, showed that there was a 467 per cent increase in the number of people born abroad between censuses in 2001 and 2011.

In those ten years, the number jumped from 1,700 to 9,800, which has led a number of residents and local politicians to complain about the changing make-up of the town.

Among those to be charged for homicide-related offences are Aleksandr Kudriasov, 40, Andis Apsitis, 36, and Mark Gidevic, 27, who will soon face trial for two counts of attempted murder.

And these are the people Obama wants to bring to America.

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