Calling All Texas Combat Veterans: Border Ranchers Need Your Special Skill Set, And They Need It Now

Calling All Texas Combat Veterans:  Border Ranchers Need Your Special Skill Set, And They Need It Now

When the government fails you, there’s only one place to turn.  The Second Amendment and the free market:

Texas ranchers Rusty Monsees, along with his neighbor Fernando, have shared with the Oathkeepers some of the details of what they are facing on the border these days.  Rusty describes how the Mexican cartels and gangs are using threats, intimidation, assaults, and even attempted murder to drive ranchers off of their land, while stealing or vandalizing their private property.

Rusty says that the Border Patrol is outnumbered, and basically has their hands tied by ridiculous rules and regulations sent down from bureaucrats in Washington, who either have no idea what is really happening on the border, or don’t care.

The Border Patrol has their hands tied by Washington.  Local law enforcement is outnumbered and outgunned.  So are state agencies.  Even the National Guard troops that Governor Perry has called up are not doing much to help, as they aren’t being deployed in the numbers needed directly on the border, where they could actually stop people from crossing.

Rusty and the Oathkeepers are calling on all Texas veterans, whether military or police, to step up and help their fellow Texans.  They specifically want officers and NCOs with combat and field experience to volunteer their time and expertise.  Their stated mission would be to patrol, protect, and defend the homes and property of ranchers, farmers, business owners, and private citizens.

The government isn’t doing anything at all to stop or even stem the flow of illegals and criminals into the United States.  The job is too big for just Texas law enforcement alone to handle.  It is time for Texans, and all Americans for that matter, to rise to the call, and join together with other concerned citizens and patriots who are determined to defend our country and way of life.

What do you think?  Is this the right move, or will it end badly?

Duane Lester

Duane Lester is co-founder of All American Blogger, and the primary writer. Following graduation, Duane entered the United States Navy as a journalist. He spent five years touring the world, reporting on local news and sports. Following his enlistment, Duane spent almost 10 years working with adjudicated youth in residential treatment environments. Duane discovered politics after September 11. He credits Erich "Mancow" Muller for opening his eyes to his conservative beliefs. Since then, Duane has devoured books and literature on politics, reading everything he can from Adam Smith to Larry Elder to Thomas Sowell. He refers to his style of politics as "conserva-tarian", a mixture of conservative and libertarian beliefs.

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