Chaz Bono: I can’t find love because I ‘repel’ women

Chaz Bono: I can’t find love because I ‘repel’ women

chazI could’ve told him that before he made the switch and save him thousands in counseling fees.

Chaz Bono cannot find love because he “repels” women.

Lovelorn Bono, 46, says he has been out on dates but just cannot connect with the opposite sex even though the transgender LGBT advocate was once a member of the opposite sex reports NY Daily News .

The reality star son of Cher has been struggling to find a permanent partner after splitting with Jennifer Elia in 2011.

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“I seem to repel women that I am attracted to,” Bono told [email protected] at the Les Girls charity fund-raiser in Los Angeles.” He says, “I have been single for four years, which has been a great thing and (it’s) great to have time to myself.”

Starting in summer 2008, Bono, born Chastity Bono to the pop-star duo of Sonny and Cher, began a two-year gender reassignment treatment that made him the man he is today. But the 39-years Bono spent as a female didn’t give him insight into the mind of the single woman.

“I haven’t really been dating and I do think that women have a different idea when you ask them out for a date than what it actually is,” he confessed. “That is my theory, which is, ‘I find you interesting and would like to get to know you better.’ But I think they think it is more than that somehow.”

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The dating scene is difficult to begin with even for straight people. This is where society and the Psychiatric community is failing these people who believe they should be the opposite sex. 40% of transgenders commit suicide. How can a professional think it wise to continue on a path with that high of a percentage of winding up dead? That’s malpractice!

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