Clinton Staffer Caught Bragging: “I Could ‘Grab’ Co-Worker’s ‘Ass’ And Not Get Fired” VIDEO

Clinton Staffer Caught Bragging: “I Could ‘Grab’ Co-Worker’s ‘Ass’ And Not Get Fired” VIDEO

Of course! Bill Clinton is a known pervert and Hillary has always been his handler for such things, so of course she allows such behavior within her own staff.


It seems the Clinton camp is having their own little locker room moment in the limelight now.

James O’Keefe has just released a video that has special guest star, Wylie Mao on it, a Hillary Clinton field organizer. On this video you will witness him telling a truth that should be worrisome to Hillary voters who are voting for her simply because she’s a woman and how she’d be GREAT for women’s rights.

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This should be an eye opener…for those that haven’t been fully brainwashed yet.

In this video, you witness this dirtbag absolutely bragging about being able to grab a “co-worker’s” ass…and not have to worry about any sort of reprimand.

James O’Keefe never fails to impress.

Yea well, he may not be fired for being a pervert when he’s working for Hillary Clinton, but he most certainly could be for getting caught exposing Hillary Clinton’s darker secrets she prefers to keep on lock.

Apparently, she can’t control her staffers from blabbing like she can Bill Clinton. Pretty cocky guy.

I’m sure right now he’s really hurting for it too. As soon as this video came out, his twitter account when down.

Did you notice later in the video how the OVA journalist approached Mao at a different time and location (apparently because he had a different shirt on) asking, “Hey Wylie. I’d just like to ask you a little bit about the sexual conduct going on with the Hillary campaign. Is the bar pretty low?”

His reaction…


I’m pretty sure he knew in that moment he had slipped up and let down his Queen Hillary by getting caught running his mouth.

Oops. Bad for them… good for us.

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