College Math Professor: Color Blindness & ‘Meritocracy’ are tools ‘of whiteness.’

College Math Professor: Color Blindness & ‘Meritocracy’ are tools ‘of whiteness.’

I’m getting really sick of college professors thinking that just because they are helping guide people on their path of life, all of their opinions are important and worth hearing. In fact, quite the opposite is true. While I might consult a math professor for help on my math-related homework, I certainly wouldn’t turn to them for philosophy, nursing, or history help.

So when math professor Laurie Rubel from Brooklyn College decided to come out and declare “color blindness” and “meritocracy” as “tools of whiteness,” I wasn’t surprised so much as frustrated. It’s difficult to hear someone who is so educated say something so ridiculously stupid.

Rubel attacked the idea of “meritocracy” by saying that it “functions as a tool of whiteness” due to the fact that it “ignores systemic barriers and institutional structures that prevent opportunity and success.”

She also disparaged the idea of “color-blindness,” saying that those who use that term are refusing to acknowledge the struggled that people of color have experienced in the past.

“Teachers who claim color-blindness—that is, they claim to not notice the race of their students—are, in effect, refusing to acknowledge the impact of enduring racial stratification on students and their families,” she argued.

This is indicative of the Democratic transformation. They used to be a party that sought to destroy the idea of labeling a person based on their attributes. In recent years, however, they have actually doubled-down on their separation of the races into little boxes. It makes it easier to pander to each group and secure their votes, but it is bad overall.

Meritocracy is arguably the least racist thing on the planet, and is supposed to be that way. A meritocracy doesn’t see a person’s financial situation, race, sex, political influence, etc., and instead focuses on what that person can actually do. So instead of a person getting a job because they’re attractive, or their parents are rich, or because they are a certain skin color, they would get that job because they are qualified. To destroy this idea, especially as a teacher, is to destroy the notion that people are individually suited for different aspects of life and work.

The concept of erasing “color-blindness” is ridiculous as well. We are not just black, white, asian, Hispanic, etc., we are all Americans and we are all humans. We should not be told that we are being held back because of *insert oppressive cause here,* but rather that we can succeed by the sweat of our own brow and the only thing separating mediocrity from greatness is the amount of work you’re willing to put in.

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