Trump: The historic low unemployment among black, Hispanic workers proves ‘Dems did nothing for you’

Trump: The historic low unemployment among black, Hispanic workers proves ‘Dems did nothing for you’

President Donald Trump has been called a racist by many if not all of his critics on the left, but new unemployment numbers seem to paint a different story. Surely if Trump was a white supremacist, Hiter reincarnate, or a KKK member he would only want to make life better for white people, right?

Well if that is the case, then Trump is the WORST racist to ever live.

Black Americans and Hispanic Americans received some news recently that should have everyone in the country jumping with joy. Trump himself announced the good news on Twitter and couldn’t resist taking a dig at the Democrats in the process.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded last Friday that overall unemployment is down, and the numbers for black and Hispanic unemployment have reached all-time lows in November. It should be noted, however, that Hispanic unemployment rose slightly in December.

This is great news for the country and the economy. There is now downside to Americans going back to work, but we’re specifically pointing out race because of the accusations made about the President by the left. Those who have dubbed him a racist in the past are now going to have to answer for these numbers. How exactly is a “white supremacist” President doing good things for minority communities unless, perhaps, he’s not exactly the terrible person they think he is?

Of course, this will never cross their minds. They will always find a way to explain it away because Trump can do no right in their eyes, even if the work that he is doing is helping their base specifically. They don’t care about anything but getting the votes, and they can’t do that if someone from the opposing party is actually helping their base more than they are.

That being said, those of us who see more than red and blue, Republican and Democrat, “them” and “us,” are thrilled about this. Getting more people back to work makes things better for everyone in the country. Our economy is going to boom and everyone on every side of the aisle will benefit from it. Even if you’re not a Trump fan, you have to realize how great this is. You don’t have to be happy about it (I don’t expect everyone to be pleased about this news simply because it’s Trump who brought it about) but you have to at least have the intellectual integrity to realize that this is not a bad thing.

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