Conservative Host Dana Loesch GOES OFF on Godless Liberals

Conservative Host Dana Loesch GOES OFF on Godless Liberals

If there was ever a time to be angry at how the left was purposely trying to eradicate prayer and God in today’s society it’s now…they just seem to put so much effort into mocking us about God, someone many of them don’t even think exists. Ironic really…and foretold. Dana Loesch speaks out at the “Godless Liberals” and their awful behavior towards believers…and she is NOT holding back!


Many Americans want to speak out, but they find themselves stuck between a rock and hard place when it comes to protecting their job status, social status…otherwise they don’t want to upset the apple cart.

Well, The Blaze’s Dana Loesch didn’t mind! There are only a few women out there with the stones to make this work, and she did!

Dana Loesch Explodes on ‘Godless Left’ in Furious Rant: ‘I Do Have a Problem…and I’m Not Watching My Language’
Dana Loesch tore into Democrats Tuesday night in a fiery rant on the “godless left,” taking aim elected officials and the New York Daily News for “mocking prayers” and “attacking” the National Rifle Association.

But the show host’s harangue continued, taking shots at the federal government’s current refugee vetting process, the State Department policy blocking the government from screening suspects social media accounts, and the left’s “attack” on the NRA.

Take that!”Godless Left” and while you’re at it…take some responsibility, and a little common sense to chew on too.

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