‘The View’ Hosts Get into Heated Argument About Trump, Then THIS Happens

‘The View’ Hosts Get into Heated Argument About Trump, Then THIS Happens

Donald Trump has proven to be a man of many talents…but his GREATEST near Superhuman power, would be the ability to become a household name…GLOBALLY, whether for good or bad, and then finding a way to UTILIZE good AND bad publicity to his benefit! The flaming Lib Hosts of ‘The View’ seem to be feeling a little “uptight” over it themselves…and fell into a heated argument about Trump…and what a couple them called his bigotry.


The women of ABC’s “The View” got into a fiery debate on Wednesday’s show over Donald Trump who had at least one lady on the panel arguing his side.

Co-host Paula Faris, who also co-anchors “Good Morning America Weekend,” argued that the Republican presidential front-runner’s hiring practices and actions suggest he is not the bigot the left makes him out to be.

“From those that I have spoken with that have worked for Donald Trump and that have known him for a long time, they say — his hiring practices and who he is, he’s not a bigot. This is a man who has had more female executives that he has hired than just about everybody else. He’s very diverse, He’s not a bigot,” she said.”

“The face that he’s putting out there and why people are voting for him is because he’s a bigot,” Michelle Collins argued.

“When you say Mexicans are murders and rapists, that makes you a bigot,” Whoopi Goldberg shouted.
I don’t believe Donald Trump’s a bigot, I just think he’s rough in speech and doesn’t sugar coat things, which is something we’re not used to in our current wussified culture.

Just because you want to be tough on immigration and uphold the laws of your country doesn’t make you a “bigot” or any other popular buzzword these people like to toss around.

Regardless, Trump said what he said to start a conversation on this topic, and that’s exactly what he’s done, as is evidenced by how many folks are talking about the issue.

The hosts of “The View” are like cockroaches..I am almost certain the lot of them would survive a nuclear explosion, JUST to continue being the bane of television…

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