Controversial Leader Calls For Illegal Immigrants To Be Rounded Up And Deported To Guarded Island… [VIDEO]

Controversial Leader Calls For Illegal Immigrants To Be Rounded Up And Deported To Guarded Island… [VIDEO]

Even though America’s focus at this time is either on NFL, or the race between two of the worst candidates in US history, the refugee problem all across the world still rages on and no more so than Europe. Over the last two years, the violent crimes perpetrated by Muslim refugees have shot through the roof. New Years of this year, Cologne, Germany faced several reports of gang rapes by Muslim men. Not only In Germany, but also in Sweden and many other European countries. The reports of violence in these host nations have been too much to bear for many of these countries and now one in particular is growing a pair and demanding it gain control of the situation.


Hungary’s controversial prime minister has called for the EU to gather up the refugees and send them off to northern Africa, or an island north of that, as they would be more accustomed to that particular culture.

Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister suggested they should be ’rounded up and shipped out’ to ‘an island or some shore of North Africa’ where they can make their asylum applications.

Many claim that Orban and his country whose government has been criticized by all sorts of self-righteous ‘rights’ groups for stirring up xenophobia and intolerance…isn’t that just dandy. If you want control over who comes across your borders, you are a xenophobe. To hell with sovereignty. They are basically saying ‘we control you. Go against our demands and face our wrath. We own you. Slave.’

This country has already put up barbed wire fences and they are catching flak for that too. Listen world… You all have your own countries, so mind your own damn business. If you are so disgusted about this Hungary thing, then you take them into your country.

What kills me is all Hungary is asking for is that they do their asylum application BEFORE they are allowed into the country.

‘Those who came illegally must be rounded up and shipped out. We must set up large refugee camps outside the EU, with armed security and financial support provided by the Union. Everyone who came illegally must return there. There they can file for asylum.’

Did you catch that word, you progressive socialists? He said ‘ILLEGALLY’. Rules and laws are there for ALL to follow. Law and order.

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