VIDEO: The Answer To Our Nation’s Chaos Demonstrated RIGHT HERE By This Man – Must See…

VIDEO: The Answer To Our Nation’s Chaos Demonstrated RIGHT HERE By This Man – Must See…

Ken E. Nwadike Jr. is part of the much talked about Free Hugs Project. According to the group, they try to be separate in their approach to getting there and explain it as “an initiative that spreads love, inspires change and raises awareness of social issues through motivational videos.”


He’s been a very busy bee this year and who would’ve guessed? That was a joke…he’s been to each party’s rallies and shown the way to healing through love. Now I’m no smelly hippie, but from what I’ve witnessed so far, this movement can go a long ways in changing hearts and minds to peace. Yet, when Nwadike decided to visit Charlotte during the riots and hugged members of the Charlotte Police Department last night, all hell broke loose with the protesters on the other side of the picket line.

Nwadike was called a phrase that we won’t repeat in print…by protesters who seemed to be just shocked that he was actually switching ‘sides’ and hugging law enforcement that were posted up at the scene. He then tried to do something rioters are sorely known for and that is ‘reason’ with a few, but to no avail. He stated firmly that he is neither on the side of the cops, nor BLM…but that he is for peace and is staying neutral. He then gives the most reasoned and simple example of how we need to put things into perspective and tells one protester that an officer’s uniform doesn’t make him a killer, or a robot, just like how his (pointing to the man) skin color doesn’t make him a criminal. We are all just brothers and sisters.

“This man [pointing to the officer] gave me a hug, and he wants to fight me because of that; how does that make sense spreading more hate into the world?” Nwadike yelled over the crowd. “That’s what’s frustrating me, we can’t love one another?”

Nwadike then stated “If I couldn’t find work, if I was not blessed to have a job, guess what I would do—I would join the military, I would be a police officer—I would find work in order to feed my children,”

Nwadike is incredibly reasoned and wise, and will no doubt, play a major role in healing this nation from hate.

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