Country Star With Terminal Cancer Makes HUGE Announcement

Country Star With Terminal Cancer Makes HUGE Announcement

To endure what this couple in love has had to endure up to this point, is tragic, yet beautiful and offers a lot of insight to true love, for those that pay attention to the example they are setting…here, they share with us one last accomplishment they will embark out to complete together…


The exciting Grammy news comes at a bittersweet time for the Feeks, musically known as Joey + Rory, due to Joey’s courageous fight against cancer.

Rory shared a photo of their Grammy nomination certificate with some wise words about their decision to go with a plus sign for their duo name.

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“What we were actually adding into the equation that day in 2008… was God. It was faith that we were adding – a willingness to trust Him and be okay with whatever He had in store. That’s where the power is. There’s nothing magical about Joey and I together. We bring our skills and talents into this union, but God brings the magic. He takes those gifts and adds in His timing and mixes it with all the years of joy and hardship and smiles and pain we’ve had… and He makes something bigger,” Rory wrote.


Please pray that Joey’s health improves so she can celebrate not only a possible Grammy win with Rory, but also their daughter Indiana’s second birthday. The Grammys will take place on Feb. 15, just two days before Indy’s birthday. It’s fitting, since Indiana stars in the video for “If I Needed You,” their Grammy-nominated song.

Love does not end with death do you part, when she moves on, they both know they will meet again…not many people truly believe this, but the Feeks, certainly do.

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