What Happened To This Poor Woman Forced To Sit In The Same Chair For Six Months…Is A TRAGEDY!

What Happened To This Poor Woman Forced To Sit In The Same Chair For Six Months…Is A TRAGEDY!

It’s not terribly uncommon to have families whose members have strained relationships. It is, however, shocking to see how some sons, daughters and parents treat each other. One shocking story has emerged where a mother and son took care of an elderly grandma by putting her in a chair where she remained for six whole months without leaving. Predictably, such abuse led to the woman’s death and the duo are behind bars.


Two relatives of an 82-year-old woman who authorities say died after she sat in the same chair for six months have been arrested and charged with neglect.

Documents show that mother and son Carole Beam Howell, 74, and David Scott Howell, 43, were arrested on January 21 and charged with abuse or neglect resulting in the death of a vulnerable adult.

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Barbara Beam died January 2, 2015, at her Greenville home. She lived with her sister Carole Howell and Howell’s son David

At the time of her death, police said that Beam’s sister told them the woman couldn’t move on her own.

Carole Howell said the woman ‘stays in the chair located in the bedroom and that she had not moved out of the chair for approximately six months,’ according to a report.

The sister told police Beam refused to eat a few hours before her death and they watched a soap opera together in her bedroom before she went to the kitchen.

When the sister returned, Beam was slumped in her chair, and didn’t have a pulse, police said.

Paramedics took Beam from the chair and put the 200-pound woman on the floor. Her legs were still bent in a sitting position when the officer arrived and she was not wearing pants, according to the report.

Officers noted indentions on the back of Beam’s legs and body fluids staining the chair, saying the home’s smell was so bad that firefighters set up a fan at the door as they worked.

The Greenville County Coroner’s Office ruled Beam’s death a homicide by neglect, saying that she died from a blood clot in her lung.

Beam also had deep vein thrombosis, which are clots caused by sitting for long periods of time, and a serious infection that started in her kidneys, according to the coroner.

Prosecutors have been reviewing the case for a year. David Howell was listed in jail Wednesday, and Carole Howell was released on a personal recognizance bond.

David Howell has been arrested more than a dozen times since 1991, including charges for drug possession, underage drinking and making obscene phone calls.

There are also several arrests for criminal domestic violence, assault and stalking, although some of those charges were ultimately dropped, according to state police records.

Sometimes, it seems that human beings have lost our humanity. Stories emerge from time to time where people, even relatives, treat fellow human beings with a disgraceful lack of dignity and when this happens, we must shine a light on these travesties as a reminder of the Golden Rule.

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