Terrifying Moment Woman Is Dragged Onto The Train Tracks And Crushed, As She Was Doing THIS!

Terrifying Moment Woman Is Dragged Onto The Train Tracks And Crushed, As She Was Doing THIS!

In our modern society, we take for granted the safety measures that keep us unscathed. However, we must remember that trains, cars, planes and various pieces of machinery are, in fact, dangerous and we should exercise caution. One woman who tried to disembark a moving train paid a steep price for neglecting to note that lesson.


Security cameras captured the horrifying moment a woman died after she was sucked under a moving train as it pulled into a platform.

Kiran Devi Thakor was dragged on to the tracks after she lost her balance while trying to disembark the train before it had completely stopped at Borivali railway station, in Mumbai, India.

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A man desperately tried to save her as she slowly slipped into the gap between the train and the platform but within moments she had fallen beneath the carriage.

The video shows passengers jumping off the Vadodara Express as it starts to slow.

One man jumps off the moving train and reaches back inside the carriage to grab a suitcase.

He runs alongside the service and throws out a number of pieces of luggage before helping a woman, believed to be his wife, out of the still-moving train.

But the woman loses her balance and her clothes become trapped underneath the train.

The man is seen struggling to pull her free as she is dragged along the platform by the train.

Eventually she slips beneath the carriage and on to the tracks. The train comes to a stop moments later and dozens of onlookers try to help but they are too late to save the woman.

This is awful and a mistake that most of us could make. Please, please remember that it’s fine to be in a hurry, but remember to pay the proper respect to trains and other heavy machinery. Our world may be safer than ever, but such contraptions are still dangerous if not used properly.

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