Welfare Abusers In THIS State Just Found Out That The Jig Is Up… BYE-BYE GRAVY TRAIN!

Welfare Abusers In THIS State Just Found Out That The Jig Is Up… BYE-BYE GRAVY TRAIN!

Many on the left (and on the right) defend welfare as a necessity, as if mankind did not exist before government handouts. Acting as if government handouts are a right and not an unnecessary burden upon taxpayers, too many politicians rely upon the promise of “freebies” to stay in office. One lawmaker, however, is bucking that trend and promising private-sector oversight on the government welfare scam that affects the producers of society.


Many states are cracking down on those who abuse the welfare system and we like to report on those casesevery chance we get.

It looks like Missouri has become the next state looking to put an end to people abusing welfare programs such as food stamps.

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A Missouri House committee was reportedly considering at a bill that would call for a private sector company to examine individual requests for government assistance and determine if recipients qualify to receive benefits.

Rep. Marsha Haefner, who sponsored the bill, told a committee Monday that her proposal would reduce the amount of paperwork for Department of Social Services employees, according to KTVI.

She also said the bill could prevent money being given to people who no longer qualify for benefits.

Those enrolled in a welfare program would have their eligibility examined at least four times a year by a private company. State employees would be notified of cases involving any possible issues with eligibility.

Critics of the measure said it would only take away benefits under the guise of efficiency and attempting to combat fraud. Last year, the House passed a similar bill last year but it died in Senate.

Let’s hope this bill passes. Since the government is nothing but a big, bloated mess, hiring a private sector company to come in and audit individual cases sounds like a good idea and an efficient way to keep tabs on those who claim the need thees benefits.

Welfare abuse has gotten out of control over the past few years, with leeches becoming more ridiculous with their reasons for why they need assistance and they are also becoming more brazen with their “welfare pride” by uploading videos that expose their shameful abuse.

Some defend welfare use as a necessity to help people make ends meet. I have personally encountered plenty of such people both online and in person. I have repeatedly asked one simple question to which I have never received anything close to a satisfactory answer:

I’ll lay-off as soon as anyone can explain to me why it is fair for me to pay my bills and someone else’s. I pay for my food, my housing, my phone bill and my healthcare insurance. So, until I hear an explanation as to why people should not rely upon themselves or the voluntary charity of others, I will continue to believe welfare is an absolute drain on society.

Remember: those who believe that society cannot exist without welfare need to crack a history book; civilizations have existed for thousands of years without welfare and they can again.

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