Dead in His Tracks: Armed Robber Stopped By Gun-Toting Pawn Shop Customer

Well someone got a little too cocky when he came in to rob a pawn shop. Guess you shouldn’t expect other people to be armed when you are robbing a place, unless you’re prepared to leave without your life:


According to recent reports, a felon and suspect in a number of Indianapolis area robberies picked the wrong time to target a Cash America Pawn Shop location Tuesday afternoon.

The Indianapolis Star explained that 25-year-old Tyerre Allen entered the store holding a firearm in an apparent attempt to commit an armed robbery. Instead of making an escape with some quick cash, however, he encountered a customer carrying his own gun. According to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson Chris Wilburn, the quick-acting patron opened fire and fatally injured Allen.

Just released from prison for the commission of a previous robbery, the felon was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after the arrival of first responders. After speaking to customers and employees, police were able to piece together what happened.

Authorities say an exchange of gunfire led to Allen’s death, noting that no one else was injured. The customer who fired his own weapon has not been identified, police explain, though they confirm he has been cooperative throughout the investigation.

“We will get to the bottom of this,” Wilburn promised.

Despite the fact that he was not injured in the encounter, police say the shooter is “very traumatized and fears for his life.”

As for everyone else at the scene, Wilburn asserted the sudden excitement made for a “traumatic situation” they won’t soon forget.

“You’re emotionally charged,” he explained. “You wouldn’t come down from that shock for several hours.”

Thanks to the decisive response of an armed customer, however, the would-be victims of Allen’s latest – and last – crime escaped with only the residual effects of a stressful evening.

Allen is reportedly considered a suspect in a number of other robberies in the vicinity, which police say is known for its high level of criminal activity.


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