Thousands flocking to see a ‘God Boy’ baby born with 8 limbs

Thousands flocking to see a ‘God Boy’ baby born with 8 limbs

A baby born with his twin brother’s limbs in his body, born in India’s West Bengal State has become a questionable source of celebrity at his tender age. You see, he resembles the Hindu God Brahma. And the villagers cannot get enough of him :


A baby born in India with four arms and four legs has been dubbed ‘God Boy’ by his parents because they say he looks like a god.

Medical experts say the baby’s condition is the result of the legs and arms of the baby’s twin being joined to him in the womb, creating the four-armed, four-legged child, similar in appearance to a certain Hindu god.

“When he first came out we couldn’t believe it. The nurses said he was badly deformed but I could see that this was a sign from God,” an unnamed relative told a local TV station.

Now thousands of locals are flocking to the hospital in Baruipur, a city in India’s West Bengal state, to catch a glimpse of the tot.

“When we first heard about ‘God Boy’ we were slightly skeptical,” said Chukka Rao, 67, who’s from a neighboring village.

“But we came to see because we were intrigued by all the news we were hearing from friends and others. When we eventually saw a pic of the child it was a wonder.”

Rao declared: “This is truly the son of the Hindu god Brahma, who also has four arms and four legs.”

But with the village being overrun by curious believers from across the region, hard-nosed policemen say they are having trouble controlling them.

“This is a freak baby and it is tragic, there is nothing godly about him at all,” a police spokesman said. “But the crowds are going berserk and clamoring to see the child.

This poor child deserves a break. He has a severe abnormality that is at the very least, disabling. He will likely not be able to live a normal life as long as he is alive. Good luck to the police in maintaining the chaos surrounding this.


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