Deceased Air Force Vet Left In Hearse While Funeral Employees Go To Hardee’s

Deceased Air Force Vet Left In Hearse While Funeral Employees Go To Hardee’s

A man who witnessed funeral home employees leave a fallen veteran in the back of a hearse while they went inside a fast food restaurant leapt to document the outrage and shine a light on the funeral home that permitted it.


An outraged bystander had the wit and wherewithal to take action when he spotted an unattended hearse with an American-flag-draped coffin inside near the back of a Hardee’s parking lot.

David Disch of Virginia Beach, Va., told WTKR News that he spotted the hearse while in the restaurant’s drive-thru line Saturday morning. Disch said he saw the vehicle pass him and park before two employees got out and went inside.

“After I got my food I went around behind it to confirm what I had seen, a flag-draped coffin inside,” Disch told WTKR. “You couldn’t miss it.”

According to WTKR, the hearse was from Richmond, Va.,-based Bliley’s Funeral Home and carrying the body of a former Air Force master sergeant named Bobby Hill.

Disch posted pictures of what he witnessed on social media which prompted a response from the funeral home.

Bliley manager Bill Carter told WTKR in a statement that Hill’s family was notified of the incident and was “very pleased” with their services.

“In this case at least one associate was watching the locked and secured hearse while they were briefly inside a restaurant,” Carter said.

“Bliley’s takes the transportation and care of those people we serve very seriously and we have addressed this issue with our associates to ensure that our procedures are followed consistently.”

Disch said that’s not good enough.

“I know we’re all human, we have to eat, but protocols need to be changed, something needs to change,” he said.

similar incident was reported in Florida last month when two funeral workers lost their jobs after leaving deceased 84-year-old Lt. Col. Jesse Coleman unattended outside a Dunkin’ Donuts.

Hey, people have got to eat and nobody is saying that the employees should not get a lunchbreak. However, the funeral home must be aware of how this looks and how it can be viewed as insensitive at best and disrespectful and unpatriotic at worst.

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