Deputy Walks Boy To Pre-K When He Has A Hard Time Adjusting

Deputy Walks Boy To Pre-K When He Has A Hard Time Adjusting

Adjusting to school can be tough. When a little boy had a bit more difficulty than most in adjusting to preschool, a sheriff’s deputy jumped-in to make the boy feel safe and secure.


When a sheriff’s deputy heard a little boy was having trouble adjusting to preschool, he knew exactly what would help.

Little Brantley Clanton just started Pre-K and cries every morning before going to school. This is now his third week, and he’s still not fully adjusted.

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Tuesday just happened to be picture day, and his mother, Megan Clanton, worried Brantley would tear up before pictures.

Clanton talked to Upton County sheriff’s deputy Chris Fox and explained that Brantley didn’t like going to school. Fox told him if it would make him feel better, he would walk him into school the next morning.

Excited by the good news, Brantley waited eagerly in his mom’s car early Tuesday morning after they pulled up to school. Sure enough just a few minutes later, Fox arrived, and Brantley broke into a big smile.

They walked into school hand-in-hand, and Brantley had his first good morning in a very long time. Surely, his good mood made for great school pictures.

His mom posted an update to her Facebook page Tuesday evening, reflecting on the happy day.

“Last night I was worried that Brantley wouldn’t do too good for pictures and that I wouldn’t be there to try and make his smile for something he will look at in years to come,” she wrote. “Maybe today wasn’t about making him or even me smile in years to come, maybe today was meant to make multiple people smile today and in years to come.”

Though we hear from the #BlackLivesMatter crowd that police are vile and murderous, there are many, many dedicated officers. This “one size fits all” media narrative simply does not withstand even modest scrutiny.

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