DRUNK Mothers Picnic Near A Cliff Watching THREE Kids- ENRAGED Locals Teach Them BRUTAL Lesson…

DRUNK Mothers Picnic Near A Cliff Watching THREE Kids- ENRAGED Locals Teach Them BRUTAL Lesson…

There are many crusaders out there who believe that they have a moral obligation to act if someone is doing something with which they disapprove. When two such crusaders encountered a drunk mother and grandmother watching  (or not watching) the children in their care, a group of enraged attackers committed a brutal assault and the whole thing was caught on tape.


This shocking video shows the moment a boozing mother and grandmother are attacked by passers-by angered at the pair for drinking while caring for children.

The attackers – a mother and daughter, and one other woman – were outraged when they saw bottles of vodka lying around the breastfeeding mother.

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Taking matters into their own hands, they filmed their attack on the women they found on the shores of Lake Gusinoye, in southern Russia.

The recorder narrates the scene by telling viewers that the adults are in a ‘constant drunken state’ and are unfit to raise the three children who are with them.

The narrator’s mother then launches a harsh physical attack on the two drunken women slapping their faces and hitting them with objects nearby.

The mother, who had been breastfeeding her three-month-old child, is hit several times by the angry woman, who continues to ask: ‘What are you doing? Look at all this alcohol.’

The person filming the encounter then pans around the area to show several empty vodka bottles lying nearby.

The young boy and his sister also watch the violence unfold, while the girl covers her eyes as she can no longer watch her own mother being beaten.

At one point, even the woman filming the video asks her own mother to stop the attack, as she tells the terrified children to get into her car.

Reports said the three children were taken to a local hospital by the women, where they were found with alcohol in their system.

Local police later picked up on the incident and launched an investigation into the two women who were beaten.

Police spokesman Oleg Vasiliev said the drunken mother was fined for ‘dereliction of parental duties’, while authorities also inspected the home of the accused.

He added the three children were found to have adequate sleeping quarters, and were also well fed.

Local media reported the attacked mother promised to improve in her behaviour and parenting, otherwise she would have her newborn child taken from her custody.

The video’s author and her mother have since come under heavy criticism from Russia’s online community and especially those who live in the Republic of Buryatia.

Viewers admitted their intentions were good, but said it was not right to attack the mother and the grandmother in front of the young children.

This argument was echoed by Commissioner for Children’s Rights in Buryatia, Tatiana Vezhevich, who said the two older siblings may require counselling after the incident.

When it comes to raising children, many (myself included) are of the belief that intervention by others should only occur in absolutely life-or-death situations. Parents are almost-always the best deciders of how to raise their children and yes, there are notable exceptions.

However, while we should feel free to disagree with parenting styles or even be shocked, too many crusaders believe that “it takes a village” and get involved in family matters.

To be clear: I in no way condone these ladies’ reckless behavior; however, in this case, it seems clear that the cure was far worse than the disease.

Should these attackers have minded their own business?

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