Samurai Sword Wielding Man HACKS Customer- Because He Sees A Poltergeist That Needs Killing…

Samurai Sword Wielding Man HACKS Customer- Because He Sees A Poltergeist That Needs Killing…

Have you ever been minding your own business and doing some shopping at the mall when a crazed man on drugs came in wielding a ninja sword? No? Well, it does not sound fun and by watching the video of such an incident, it appears to be even less fun that it sounds.


This is the moment a man relentlessly battered another man with a replica Samurai sword in a Florida mall.

Jovaughn Walker, 22, was allegedly high on drugs when he burst into the Swap Shop in Lauderhill on Sunday morning, manically wielding a three-foot blade.

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Customers could be seen scrambling and screaming as Walker lashed out at them, striking one man repeatedly.

It was the climax of a bizarre violent crime spree: that morning he had stolen a car and attacked an 81-year-old man at a Shell gas station with a metal rod that he pulled off a display case.

As police were trying to track down Walker, they received a call with reports of a Samurai sword-wielding attacker in the Swap Shop nearby.

Finally, shop workers managed to tackle Walker at the scene – then he screamed that he could see an evil poltergeist that he needed to kill.

When police arrived he was arrested and charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery, carjacking, aggravated assault, and cannabis possession.

The two victims were hospitalized with ‘lacerations’, police said. They have since been discharged.

‘I’ve been in law enforcement for 32 years now and I’ve never encountered anything this bizarre,’ Maj. Rick Rocco of the Lauderhill Police Department told ABC News on Wednesday.

‘Just randomly attacking people, especially in the manner, especially with a sword.

‘An 81-year-old male and his wife were inside the store area of the Shell and while they’re in there the suspect comes walking into the store and without saying a word goes into the display rack and takes the support pole, then approaches the elderly male and just starts to attack him.

‘The victim’s wife gets between the suspect and the victim, and he doesn’t hurt the wife but then he leaves the gas station.’

Usually, I am inclined to state that self-defense is a human right and the right to carry a concealed weapon is a right that should extend to all citizens of the world.

Normally, I would recite the poignant point: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

But, guns are also good for stopping drug-fueled whack-jobs with samurai swords, too.

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