Dying Teen’s Final Wish Exposes the Pure Evil of Socialized Medicine

Dying Teen’s Final Wish Exposes the Pure Evil of Socialized Medicine

Laura Hillier was 18-yrs-old when she knew she was terminal. She didn’t want to die in vain… she wanted her life to mean something. SO, Laura left a message to you and me and anyone who would listen.

18-year-old Leukemia patient Laura Hillier made her mom promise one thing from her deathbed:

“She made me promise she would not die in vain,” said her mother Frances Hillier. “I am going to carry it on.”

Mrs. Hillier is trying to change the system so that nobody else in Canada will die waiting for a stem-cell transplant that could have saved her life.

At just 13-yrs-old, Laura was diagnosed with leukemia and was put on an aggressive treatments. Within just a few years, the disease returned because the healthcare system in Canada failed her.

Canada’s socialized medicine actually rations out health care. They rationed Laura’s treatments and unfortunately while they had what she needed to save her life… they didn’t have the rooms to provide the necessary treatments. Her hospital told her they had about 30 bone marrow matches for her. That’s great news except the Juravinski Hospital didn’t have enough beds in the high-air-pressure rooms for the procedure and the staff to perform the operation.

The problem only got worse. Even though they had a wait list of patients and perfect matches, Canadians like Laura die because the government hasn’t increased funding to pay for demand. This happens all over Canada. The wait time had increased from 6 months to waiting for a bed up to a year. Laura sat on that waiting list forced to undergo round after round of chemotherapy to keep the cancer at bay.

She didn’t give up saying, “Knowing there is a big army fighting with me fighting this cancer is really helping me through it. I have people and parents fighting for me, but other people don’t and this is an issue that needs to be resolved . . . I’m not quitting now.”

After her 5th round of chemo, 18-year-old graduate of Nelson High school and aspiring actress died surrounded by her family.

“She would say, ‘Mom if I ever say I want to give up, you have to not let me.’ Most of the time all she told physicians and staff was, ‘I want to live. I need to live. Please help me. Please don’t give up on me.’”

Just before her death, Laura recorded this message foe everyone:

“Hello. I’m Laura Hillier.”

“. . . I’m in the ICU . . .

I can’t breathe. Soon, a tube will be stuck down my throat again. And for feeding as well.

And I won’t be able to talk.

They said I may not wake up but I really hope I do.

But if I don’t, I hope this never happens to anyone ever again.

And that the government sees that there needs to be funding. Because people are dying when we can save them. We can save these people. Please help.

Thank you.”
Listen to the entire recording below:

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