Man Faces Justice After Shooting Mother Trying to Stop Him From Raping 6-Year-Old

Man Faces Justice After Shooting Mother Trying to Stop Him From Raping 6-Year-Old

A man broke into this mother’s home and forced her to strip naked. She complied until he forced the 6-yr-old girl to strip and proceeded to molest her. THAT’s when mom went berserk and started to attack the robber.

Now the South Carolina man will be in prison for 45-year years for shooting the mother who intervened when he was raping her 6-year-old daughter. Nate Hunter was accused of burglary, attempted murder, criminal sexual conduct with a child, and illegal possession of a gun. He was finally convicted for the April 2014 break-in of a home in West Columbia, South Carolina.

Hunter was under the suspicion for breaking into the home ordering the mother and the little girl to strip naked. Then the sick man grabbed the girl to molest her. Rightly so, the child’s mother attacked him viciously but the robber got back by shooting the woman five times.

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She was severely wounded but her rage was greater and was able to fight the suspect off and push him out of the home. Prosecutors said Hunter left behind a piece of clothing after he fled. The DNA linked the cap to the suspect. Not surprisingly, nasty Hunter’s DNA was already in the CODIS system which led police to arrest him as a suspect.

When they caught him, police were also able to test a .40 caliber pistol in his possession. They discovered it matched the bullets recovered at the scene of the home invasion. The mother and the now 9-year-old girl both testified against Hunter during the court proceedings.

The saddest part of the whole story is in the mom’s testimony. The little girl’s mother said that Hunter had “forever stolen her daughter’s security and innocence.”

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