EVERYTHING You Need To Know About #Grubergate In One INFURIATING 2 Minute Video

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About #Grubergate In One INFURIATING 2 Minute Video

So apparently the American public must be fools, according to the liberal media. Check out the latest on #grubergate:


This video perfectly encapsulates why the imbroglio surrounding Gruber’s comments has the potential to blow the debate over the Affordable Care Act wide open. For a law which enjoys a popularity rating of 37 percent, Obamacare supporters can scarcely afford for the ACA to shed more of its already moribund favorability – particularly at a time in American history when the law’s opponents are on the ascendancy.

The nut of why this whole episode is so infuriating, when it isn’t enervating, are the repeated insults done to America’s collective intelligence by those who believe themselves to be members of a superior class. That condition is made even more insufferable by those Obamacare supporters who are attempting to rewrite the history of the ACA in order to airbrush Gruber out of the picture.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis has a compelling piece on this phenomenon, and it’s worth your full attention. It concludes…

Come. On. I hate to break it to you all, but Gruber doesn’t get to be an architect of Obamacare and Romneycare when you want to use his authority and credentials to bash Republicans or spin for the law, and then radically transform into one of three Jon Grubers who just happens to live in Obama’s neighborhood once Gruber becomes a massive liability for the Left.

Gruber was one of the key architects of Obamacare. He didn’t just build econometric simulation models based on the law. He was also involved in drafting its key components. And he was paid enormous sums of money for his advice and counsel. These are facts. Accept them, learn to deal with them, and give the embarrassingly bad Gruber Truthing a rest.

The sloppy, almost perfunctory efforts from some members of the liberal press simply are not up to the task of defusing “Gruber-gate.” The public was told that the entirety of the American health care system had to be remade in order to extend coverage to, at most by the end of this year, 13 million people. Now, they are being informed by no less a figure than the law’s architect that they were idiots for believing him and his allies.

This could all be quite explosive.


Give me a break on all this crap. Let’s just admit that Obamacare is the scam and sham that is and move the hell on.


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